Christian Guardino | Closing Plenary

About Christian Guardino

Christian Guardino is a 19 year old “America’s Got Talent” Semi – finalist from Long Island, NY . He was Howie Mandel’s 2017 Golden Buzzer winner. He won the grand prize at Amateur Night at The Apollo in 2014. He was featured on FOX’s “Showtime at The Apollo” with host Steve Harvey and most recently got a standing ovation from an audience of 6000 at the WalMart Shareholder’s meeting . In 2019, Guardino released his first original single called ‘Waiting.’ The unmatched tones and dynamic nuances of his pop sound collide with his remarkable fresh lyrics to create a new single that will have many hitting the repeat button. Country music star, Hunter Hayes came on board as executive producer. Grammy nominee and mixing engineer Rich Travali worked with Grammy award winner Herb Powers, who mastered the single. Travali and Powers have a long resume, which includes dozens of hit singles and records. (See below for the song and credits).

Christian was born with a rare genetic eye disease called Leber Congenital Amaurosis (LCA), which forced him to live in darkness for most of his life. However, Christian’s lack of sight has never stopped him from having a focused vision of performing for the world. At his first audition for the Apollo he had to navigate with a cane.

At 13 years old, Christian entered the RPE65 gene therapy clinical trial conducted by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Spark Therapeutics. Since then, Christian has enjoyed a 75 – 80 percent improvement in his vision. He truly is a living, medical , musical , miracle , having his sight restored with the new groundbreaking experimental gene therapy.

Christian recently testified before the FDA advisory board hearing to share his miracle testimony to a unanimous vote to approve. He is a Children’s Miracle Network champion and travels the country on behalf of that charity.


Join us for the Closing Plenary and Reception, featuring a fireside chat with Christian, his mother and he will conclude the fireside chat with a performance.