Conference Features

Company Reverse Pitch Presentations

Attendees will learn how to approach and communicate with business development teams. Included are presentations from major pharma/biotech/medical device organizations about the technologies they are seeking and not seeking, and how to navigate the process.

Company Presentations

Present your company at the Life Sciences Future conference to get in front of professionals from all sectors of life sciences in the Mid-Atlantic region. Entrepreneurs, investors and business development professionals will be in attendance. Why should you participate? • Make connections with industry professionals • Get your company noticed

Scientific Presentations

A unique and valuable opportunity to share research aimed at solving problems and addressing key issues facing the life sciences industry. Present your research and receive free feedback from experts in the industry.

Knowledge Bursts

Visit the Knowledge Burst stage throughout the day to hear from inspiring speakers on an array of topics to engage, inform and challenge your thinking. Knowledge Burst speakers will tell their stories to impart practical wisdom you can use to improve your business practices or to just stay informed!

Funding Meet-Ups

Funding Meet-Ups are an informal and informative way to get connected with the funding you need to grow your business in Pennsylvania. If you’re actively seeking funding or interested in making new connections in the investment community, a Funding Meet-Up at LSF is a great place to start.


Make the most of your conference experience by using our partnering system to connect with other attendees and schedule one-on-one meetings.


Showcase your business and connect with over 700 life sciences leaders.

Philips Grand Challenge

A new feature for 2018 – The Grand Challenge is a unique opportunity to share your research aimed at solving sleep and respiratory problems and connect with Philips.

AUTM Courses

A 2018 addition – all attendees are invited to attend any of the six business development courses on days one and two.