Conference Features

Company Presentations

Present your company at the Life Sciences Future conference to get in front of professionals from all sectors of life sciences in the Mid-Atlantic region. Entrepreneurs, investors and business development professionals will be in attendance. Why should you participate? • Make connections with industry professionals • Get your company noticed

Scientific Presentations

The accutanegeneric-reviews Life Sciences Future Scientific Presentations provides a unique opportunity for presenters to share, with industry leaders, their research, aimed at solving problems and addressing needs, focused on key issues facing the bioscience industry. The objective of the session is to foster world-class collaborations among academia, early-stage research organizations, and industry. Topics: The poster should describe your research or development efforts to provide bioscience-based solutions to unmet needs in areas including, for example, therapeutics, medical accutane reviews devices, diagnostics, and green technologies. The poster should also include citations listing presentations and publications. Questions? Call 610.947.6800. NOTE: SUBMISSION OF A POSTER FOR CONSIDERATION IS A PUBLIC DISCLOSURE, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR INSTITUTION’S TECHNOLOGY LICENSING OR TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER OFFICE OR YOUR IP COUNSEL IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS REGARDING THIS SUBMISSION.

Knowledge Bursts

Visit the Knowledge Burst stage throughout the day to hear from inspiring speakers on an array of topics to engage, inform and challenge your thinking. Knowledge Burst speakers will tell their stories to impart practical wisdom you can use to improve your business practices or to just stay informed!

Funding Meet-Ups

The Funding Forum will feature a series of “seatings” hosted by funding organizations. Individual tables will be assigned to the funding organizations (including private, corporate and government) to conduct three 20-minute overview presentations of their funds, the types of investments they seek, and how to navigate their review processes. Attendees will move from table to table for the three “seatings” for the opportunity to meet representatives and learn from the funding accutane online community. Committees are currently in the process of shaping the program. You must be a Life Sciences PA member to participate on a committee. If your company is not a Life Sciences PA member, contact Lois Stephens, / 610.947.6800 x. 202, for membership information.