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Announcing our 2015 Morning Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Stephen Ostroff, Acting Commissioner, Food and Drug Administration, will be featured as our Morning Plenary Speaker on October 29 | 9:15 am – 10:00 am.

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Watch the video of last year’s fireside chat here.

Patient Impact:

Dr. Christian Bermudez, chief of UPMC’s Division of Cardiothoracic Transplantation, and Peter M. DeComo, chairman and CEO of ALung Technologies, a University of Pittsburgh start-up company, revealed how an ALung device helped prepare John Sacker for the lifesaving double lung transplant.

We look forward to announcing this year’s inspiring patient story.

Short Takes:

Announcing Short Takes Speaker Neil Campbell, President & CEO of Helomics. Presenting “Helomics 100,000 Genomes Project” on October 29 | 10:10 am – 10:30 am.

Visit the Short Takes stage throughout the day to hear inspiring speakers on an array of topics to engage, inform and challenge your thinking. Short Takes speakers will tell their stories to impart practical wisdom you can use to improve your business practices or to just stay informed!

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Scientific Presentations:

Scientific Posters at Life Sciences Future provide an opportunity to connect business development professionals, investors, and other major players in the industry. On October 30, during Symposium: Partnerships in Science, scientific posters will be displayed and highlighted throughout the day. Scientific Posters are a great way to share research that solves problems and addresses issues facing the life sciences industry.

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Company Presentations:

The following 16 company presenters will focus on diverse technologies from plant-based technology to slow the graying process, to nanotechnology for diagnostics and treatment, including treatments for brain disease, to small molecules for the treatment of pancreatic cancer:

Genisphere, Lytpage, Inc., Actuated Medical, Inc., Graphene Frontiers, Seiberg Bio, LIA Diagnostics, Forest Devices, Nikita RNA LLC, MagnePath, PhotoSix Medical, Milestone Pharmaceuticals, EpiGen Pharmaceuticals, Lauren Sciences LLC, PrEP Biopharm, KBP Biosciences USA, Inc., Telesis Therapeutics


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