The Future of Life Sciences Comes to Philadelphia

October 14, 2014 | Sheraton Downtown Philadelphia

Welcome to the Future of Life Sciences

A New Event Reflecting the Rapidly-Evolving Landscape in Healthcare

What Is It?

pabioLife Sciences Future is an event designed by Pennsylvania Bio to reflect the rapidly-evolving landscape in healthcare – and the more expansive and diverse membership of the Association. This conference will be attended by professionals from biopharm, medical device and diagnostics, healthcare IT, contract research, medical research, and investment organizations as well as service providers who support life sciences.
Life Sciences Future will feature a deeply relevant program which will maintain the strengths of past conferences – partnering, funding roundtables, company presentations, networking opportunities, and global perspectives – while also delivering strategic concepts and practical ideas to prepare our audience for the new world of life sciences success.

Conference Features

Featured speakers to be announced!  Stay Tuned!

Panels have their place, but if you want to dig deeper and explore all sides of the most controversial topics, be sure to attend the debates at Life Sciences Future.  We’ve kept our ears to the ground for the latest trends, technology and court rulings to identify the topics that have the industry buzzing. We’re taking these topics from the water cooler to the podium, where you’ll hear representatives from both sides of the aisle weigh in.  Even if you’ve already made up your mind, you’re sure to leave these sessions feeling either confident or questioning your position.

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Visit the Short Takes stages throughout the day to hear from experts on an array of topics, from funding to personal liability and everything in between.  However, these aren’t your typical, in-depth presentations. Short Takes speakers get a 10 to 20 minute slot to tell their stories, employing a light, anecdotal technique to impart practical wisdom that you can use to improve your business practices or just to stay informed!

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Our region is host to a rich ecosystem of new research and emerging companies representing the future of life sciences.  As such, we’ve made plenty of room in our schedule for Scientific Presentations and Company Presentations at Life Sciences Future. If you are part of a research institution or a new and emerging company, we invite you to register today to present on November 13th to the anticipated 1,000 attendees.  You never know, you may find your next business partner.  You’ll have to present to find out!

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